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RE: [Xlog-discussion] Re: xlog 0.6 release candidate 1

From: WILLIAMS,TED (HP-NewJersey,ex2)
Subject: RE: [Xlog-discussion] Re: xlog 0.6 release candidate 1
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 05:54:38 -0800

Hi All

> > And you were strong also on 30m.

Joop, your sig on 30 was better than on 20.

> > There hardly seems to be any activity on 30 meters with psk31 or mfsk.
> > Frequencies between 10.130 and 10.140 seem to be an ideal 
> > spot for these modes, but I never hear a thing.

Its a shame there isn't more activity on 30.  I always liked that band's
Ted - wa0eir

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