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[XForms] changed behavior of xyplot overlay?

From: Michal Szymanski
Subject: [XForms] changed behavior of xyplot overlay?
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2018 15:19:48 +0100
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Hi all,

After rebuilding my old app with the new XForms library I found a
strange change in my xyplot overlays behavior. It used to be so that
the overlay was inheritating the main xyplot type, according to what
the manual says:

int fl_add_xyplot_overlay_file(FL_OBJECT *obj, int ID,
    const char *file, FL_COLOR col);

The function returns the number of data points successfully read. The
type (FL_NORMAL_XYPLOT etc.) used in overlay plot is the same as the
object itself.

Now it seems not to be true anymore (I checked 1.2.4 and 1.2.5pre1).
With the main xyplot object of type FL_POINTS_XYPLOT, adding an
overlay results in the points being connected by a solid line.
One has to explicitely set the overlay type using 
fl_set_xyplot_overlay_type() routine to get the expected results.

I was able to write a super-simple code to demonstrate this (see the
attached file). After compiling, try executing with no arguments and
then with any argument given. The difference is whether the
fl_set_xyplot_overlay_type() routine gets invoked or not in makeplot()

Is that new behavior something planned?

regards, Michal.

  Michal Szymanski (msz at astrouw dot edu dot pl)
  Warsaw University Observatory, Warszawa, POLAND

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