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Re: [XForms] New pre-release: xforms-1.0.92.pre9

From: Serge Bromow
Subject: Re: [XForms] New pre-release: xforms-1.0.92.pre9
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2009 09:33:30 -0400
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Hi Jens,

I currently use version .9999. I would like to move to the newer libraries and take advantage of a number of fixes but cannot afford to introduce any bugs into our production software. Our suite of application targeted to POS (Point of Sales) systems and is comprised of some 30+ Xforms based programs covering data entry, inventory and touch screen based sales screens. In order to test the new library versions without interrupting our production releases I have put together a fresh PC that I will dedicate to testing of the Xforms libraries. I will download this release and let you know.

Last night I quickly tested against 92pre8 with the following results;

1) At the end of "forms.h" you declare TRUE and FALSE. This breaks my earlier declarations and causes a great deal of compiler errors. My declaration looks like "#define FALSE 0" and "#define TRUE 1". I had to remove the forms.h  declarations in order to compile my apps.

2) The "flimage" headers do not appear to be included in the forms.h header. This is not a big deal since only a few apps use the flimage library and a quick include fixes this problem.

3) Of course the menu object fonts have changed but this is of no consequence. I will write a parser to go through all of the .fd files an put back the original assumptions where no changes were made to these objects.

4) Most applications appear to function but a few simply segfault. This will take some time on my part to locate the offending code but I will let you know what I find.

On a more cheery note I will forward some screen shots for the web pages. Nicely done by the way. This was a long time in coming and I a m pleased to see taking charge of the effort after many years of neglect. I am not sure if POS screens are of interest to the community but they are good examples of the power and versatility of the libraries.

I will be in touch soon when I have located the code segments that cause our major apps to abend.



Jens Thoms Toerring wrote:
Hi everybody,

   and again there's a pre-relase;


As I wrote I am preparing for the 1.0.92 release (hopefully within
the next one or two weeks, to make it time for Fedore 12) and thus
I will make pre-releases available whenever bugs have been fixed
to avoid having them bother other testers.

This time all the bugs fixed were all reported by Werner Heisch.
They mostly concern problems with fdesign (but some required also
small changes to the library).

I haven't received any other test results yet. While it would
be nice if that could be taken as a positive result (i.e. no
bugs were found) I don't believe that;-) So, please, if you
have a bit of time, download the pre-release and just check if
it works correctly with your applications that use the library.
This helps to avoid that the first new release in years having
a chance of being included in a major distro still has too many
glaring bugs.
                   Thanks and best regards, Jens

Serge Bromow
DineAmix Inc.
(613) 260-8629
888 411-6636
Ottawa, Canada.

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Thank you. 

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