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GNU Prolog 1.4.3 is released

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: GNU Prolog 1.4.3 is released
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 20:31:45 +0100
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gprolog 1.4.3 has just been released (see

This version fixes bugs in the FD solver, other little bugs, extend the C foreign interface (can be now processed by gluegen), works under Windows 8, add flags,...

Here are the changes w.r.t 1.4.2:

* add new C foreign interface functions converting term to/from C strings
* modify top-level banner to show 32/64 bits, compile date, C compiler name
* modify Linedit: fix Prolog prompt when Linedit is not activated
* modify linedit: accept gui=silent in env var LINEDIT
  (does not warn if the windows gui DLL is not found)
* fixes for Windows 8 (i686 and x86_64) with MSVS 2012, mingw64 gcc > 4.5.3
* add Prolog flags address_bits, compiled_at, c_cc, c_cflags, c_ldflags
* fix a bug in the FD solver (option backtracks in fd_labeling)
* improve the FD solver (better propagation for reified constraints at labeling)
* improve the FD solver (add labeling option: value_method(bisect))
* improve the FD solver (avoid some cases of C stack overflow, improved fd_domain/3)
* fix a bug in the FD solver (regression bug in 1.4.2)
* add PlULong to gprolog.h and PlThrow(ball) to C foreign interface

GIT at sourceforge

GNU Prolog code is now under GIT at sourceforge (was CVS before). See:

To clone:
git clone git:// gprolog-code

To test (without installing), under sh/bash the SETVARS file installs needed PATH to execute in-place (for more information please consult the file DEVELOPMENT):
cd gprolog-code/src

source SETVARS

(or  ./configure --with-c-flags=debug)
the SETVARS files sets what is needed to have access to the current version by invoking the top-level as follows:
or the compiler as follows:
gplc FILES...

Work in progress:

We are working on the implementation of the module system (we try to be more or less compatible with SWI Prolog & Yap Prolog). It is in a very very early stage (so bugs are expected and functionalities are missing) but it is already able to bootstrap. It corresponds to the git branch called 'module'. This branch will become the master branch as soon as it is stable. Since existing code should not be affected by modules (at least we hope) we are then interested in feedbacks about this backward compatibility.

To try the module version simply switch to the module branch:
git checkout module
Then as above:
source SETVARS


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