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Re: 64-bit port for Windows

From: Yury Luneff
Subject: Re: 64-bit port for Windows
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 14:32:15 +0300

> Hi everyone,
> I am attempting to build a 64-bit version of GNU Prolog for Windows 
> using Msys and the MinGW-w64 compiler.
> I mean, it runs under Windows; it runs as 64-bit under Linux; how hard
> can it be?
> I've got as far as seeing "warning: cast from pointer to integer of 
> different size" messages but I have fixed these doing other ports 
> before, so am confident.
> Anyone who tried to do this before has something useful to tell me?
>      --Jasper

testing with data larger than 4G is mandatory :-)

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