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DES 1.2.0 launched

From: fernan
Subject: DES 1.2.0 launched
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 10:22:00 +0100

This is a mail just for informing that the new release

  Datalog Educational System version 1.2.0

has been launched on 9th, February, 2007 and ported to 

  GNU Prolog 1.3.0

Release notes are attached to the end of this message.
Please, see for details.
If you do not want to receive more release notices, please answer
this message with the subject line containing "discontinue reports".

  Best regards.

Fernando Saenz Perez
Associate Professor
Home Page:
Tel: + 34 913947642. Fax: + 34 913947529
Office: 435 (4th floor)
Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Facultad de Informatica
C/Profesor Jose García Santesmases, s/n
E - 28040 Madrid. Spain

Version 1.2.0 of DES adds to previous version (1.1.2):

    o    Solving-by-stratum algorithm
    o    Temporary views, which allow to write a temporary rule whose head is 
solved as a query
    o    Program variable names are kept to allow more readable program listings
    o    Syntax error reports when loading programs in standalone applications 
and Sicstus source distribution
    o    Handling and reporting of Prolog exceptions in standalone 
applications, SWI and Sicstus source distribution
    o    New commands: 
        §    /verbose (default option) for verbose output
        §    /noverbose for abbreviated messages
        §    /strata displays the current stratification
        §    /pdg displays the current predicate dependency graph
        §    /dir synonym of /ls
        §    /log <FileName> sets the current log to <FileName>
        §    /log displays the current log file, if any
        §    /nolog disables logging
        §    /version for displaying the current system version
    o    New uses for existing command: /abolish <Name>, and /abolish <Name> 
    o    Batch processing 
    o    Rearranged and revised help
    o    Reworked command and query-related messages
    o    Consulting/Reconsulting files avoids duplicates
    o    Added examples

Fixed bugs:
    o    Loading an incorrect Datalog program exited standalone applications 
(des and deswin.exe applications)
    o    Evaluating Prolog goals via /prolog failed for programs containing 
    o    For several commands, blanks between a command and its arguments were 
not consumed but the first one
    o    Non existent directory errors were not catched in command /ls

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