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Problem with CLP

From: Lars Riis Olsen
Subject: Problem with CLP
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 14:18:07 +0200
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I am new to GNU Prolog and I have run into a problem concerning its CLP extension. I don't know whether it is a bug or whether it is just me who have misunderstood something. The problem is that GNU Prolog says that the following query is satisfiable:

fd_domain(X,0,15), fd_domain(Y,0,15), (((X #< Y) #/\ ((Y-X) #> 8)) #\/ ((X #> Y) #/\ ((X - Y) #< 8))) #/\ (((X #< Y) #/\ ((Y-X) #< 8)) #\/ ((X #> Y) #/\ ((X - Y) #> 8))).

more specifically it returns the following answer:

X = _#3(0..15)
Y = _#25(0..15)

From the query it should be clear that it is indeed not satisfiable. Furthermore to recheck this I tried to further constraint the value of the variable X to be eg. 0. In this case it comes up with the correct answer (no). The same happens if X is instead constrained to 1,2,3... and so forth.

I am using GNU Prolog version 1.2.17

Any ideas to what might be wrong.


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