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From: eric pramudya
Subject: gprolog.h
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 09:22:35 +0000


Now I'm trying to link the prolog to C++. I have several questions to ask:

1. Why when I compile It says error in gprolog.h? (It says, error parse before template, line 639, I use command g++ -I$QTDIR/include filename1.cpp filename2.cpp moc_filename1.cpp -L$QTDIR/lib -lqt)  And I'm using gnu prolog 1.2.8

2. How many methods are there in linking prolog to c++? Because some resources say that we must build a struct and a kind of server in C++ header file. While some people here say that we must put extern C surround the interface code.

3. Is there any tutorial on this topic, or perhaps some text books describing this issue?



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