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[Tlf-devel] tlf-0.9.17 uploaded for testing

From: Rein Couperus
Subject: [Tlf-devel] tlf-0.9.17 uploaded for testing
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:52:26 +0200
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This will be one of the last releases before tlf-1.0, as I think tlf + 
cwdaemon + the voice keyer facilities are ecoming quite useable now in its' 
present form.

I will now concentrate on adding more contests.

>From the README of tlf-0.9.17:

- New sound record feature
        New command :SOUnd
        F1 ... F12, s, c will record the voice keyer message for that key
        1:      Start contest recording to
        2:      Stop contest recording
        3:      Play back contest recording ddhh[mm][xx]
                xx is the offset from the start of the file e.g.:
                2110 will start from beginning of the day 21 hr 10:00 file.
                21100013:00 will start from day 21, hh 10, mm 00, + 13 minutes: 
0 seconds
        To make sure you get a new file every hour make a cron job to run every 
                /usr/bin/pkill -f sox > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
        Once started the recorder will run until the lock file ~/.VRlock is 

- Bug fixes from the EA RTTY test:
        Rtty miniterminal improved... wrote to :info, :packet and :help screens
        S&P mode sent no call with F1
- Added new command :RTTY. This one will switch the MFJ1278B controller into 
RTTY mode.
-- Fixes from the WPX-SSB contest (PI4TUE):
        Operator got into log view (LESS) and could not get out:
                tlf will not go from edit into log view anymore (use :VIEW)
        Operator gives out wrong serial number after the run stn updates the 
                the serial number to be given is now printed prominently below 
the call 
- Added new parameter: CLUSTERLOGIN=pi4tue-1
        if this parameter is present tlf will automatically login a telnet 
using the call mentioned. This makes it easier for non-linux users to start 
the program.

- :HELP will show a file 'help.txt' instead of the man page. This file can be 
contest/operator specific. Make your own....
- Autocq: Tlf will stop sending as soon as a call is written into the call 
- Tlf will now send LSB or USB to the rig, depending on band. In RTTY mode the 
rig stays in LSB, no matter which band.

Hope you like it too....

73, and happy testing

Rein Pa0R

P.S.: anyone interested in fixing tlfdoc.html ???

address@hidden or address@hidden

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