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Re: [Tlf-devel] back to TLF

From: Rein Couperus
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] back to TLF
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 10:06:11 +0200
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Welcome back Wolf...

I also like the 'Linkey' idea. Tlf is already supporting the MFJ1278B 
controller for CW output and I am using it instead of Cwdaemon at the moment. 
I also have a PK232 lying around to be integrated, and there are mid term 
plans for integrating tlf with gMFSK (I can already tail gMFSK.log to the tlf 
miniterminal). I tried the EA RTTY contest for a few hours last weekend, and 
tlf worked like a breeze.... Found the need for a few changes which are being 
tested at the moment (-0.9.17). (For Martin, -0.9.17 stops autocq immediately 
when you type a call and Alt-h displays your own help.txt).

I hope you will implement the USB interface for Debian... I have bought a USB 
> RS232 interface to talk to the MFJ controller, and I can't get it to work 
under Debian. I have bought a PCI 2xRS232 and that works.

Cwdaemon version 0.8 has not been released if I am well informed, and I still 
have problems with the 0.8 prerelease. The timing has been improved a lot 
since version 0.7, but the effect I am getting now is that the errors 
occurring are the insertion or deletion of 1 complete bit!!! Which actually 
makes it worse. So the element timing is right now, but there is a problem 
with the code generation. Also Cwdaemon often 'forgets' to send the first 
character of a message. This is not a memory or CPU load problem. It occurs 
when  tlf is running on a clean machine with only KDE running, with zero swap 
drive use. ( the CPU is a 800 MHz K7).

Cwdaemon is still missing paddle input and foot switch input (hint :).

A KDE version of tlf is low on the priority list. I am normalIy running tlf in 
a Linux console under KDE, and that works fine. I have tons of todo items for 
tlf which are more important. I  want to rewrite a lot of the code to make it 
easier to maintain, and I have to add a LOT of contests (e.g. WAEDX, IARU)... 
Also I want to enhance/rewrite  the band map, e.g. I want to optionally make 
it available in a separate terminal window so you can see more calls, and 
control it with the rig qrg... Also I want to make the internal log and mult 
tables dynamic.  At the moment these are set at compile time (10.000 qso's 
and 3000 calls).
Last winter I have been more busy with hardware. My K2 is now ready (KPA100) 
and I can control it with tlf. I am also busy with a voice keyer interface, I 
want tlf to support recording the messages.


Rein Pa0R

On Wednesday 07 April 2004 20:32, Wolf-Ruediger Juergens wrote:
> Hello OM's,
> After a break of a half of a year I'm back to TLF development.
> Currently I'm working on the support for WINKEY from K1EL.
> I bought this little Keyer and I must say I like it. Due to the open
> documentation, its a joy to implement the winkey functions in cwdaemon.
> I'm also planning a software for an Atmel micro to substitute the need
> of buying winkey. Project name "LinKey" ;-)
> Even I know that the last implemantation of cwdaemon with the cw lib
> will cure all (or most of all) timing problems, I like the idea to have
> a external keying device much better.
> In "Linkey" there will be also USB support, because the most new PC's
> and Laptop's dont have a serial port anymore. I will use FT232BM USB->
> serial IC (optionally standard serial conn. with MAX232 for the old
> PC's). Open source software for this IC is available on
> <>
> @Rein: When will we start with the KDE version of TLF?
> I remember that you have had at least a plan for that in the last year.
> 73 Wolf, DL2WRJ

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