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[Tlf-devel] Re: [Hamlib-developer] Hamlib 1.1.5

From: Stephane Fillod
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Re: [Hamlib-developer] Hamlib 1.1.5
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 11:41:40 +0100
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On Thu, Jan 29, 2004, Wilbert Knol wrote:
> Has the application interface changed? I just noticed tlf-0.9.12 and
> 13 don't work with hamlib-1.1.5. But they work perfectly with
> hamlib-1.1.4.

Hey, wait a minute! hamlib-1.1.5 has NOT been released yet! There is only
a -pre2 release, that is meant to be tested with app BTW.

And yes, the API has changed, as announced several time on
hamlib-developer mailing list.

Basically, the freq_t type is now a double real, and the setting_t has
been downsized to (single) long int.

I'll try to give tlf a look with -pre2, and submit a tlf patch to
support both hamlib 1.1.4 and 1.1.5-pre2.

Reports on hamlib-1.1.5-pre2 are welcome anyway.
I'm wondering if xlog suffers the same problem.


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