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[Tlf-devel] Stew Perry Topband Challenge (was: tlf-0.9.11)

From: Wilbert Knol
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Stew Perry Topband Challenge (was: tlf-0.9.11)
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 10:02:24 +1300
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Hi Jim,

I had a quick play with logcfg.dat and the Stew Perry rules file last 
night, and I have TLF all ready to go.

It goes like this. Someone calls me. I type the callsign an hit F3. 
TLF sends 5NNRE78. I hit TAB and the cursor pops across into the 
exchange field. I take down the grid square and hit F4. TLF sends 'TU 
ZL2BSJ'. I hit ENTER and it logs the QSO.

I started off with the template rules file in 
..and culled most of it. It has only a 3 or so lines in it.
(RECALL_MULTS, ONE_QSOPOINT, CONTEST=stew-perry and another minor 

In fact, you don't actually *need* a rules file for this one. TLF has 
no way of calculating the correct points/QSO according to grid square 

So I just log them all as single pointers and let the contest manager 
score the log.

In my view, the rules file should *only* have those things relate to 
the contest, such as scoring rules. It should not even have anything 
user-specific in it.

Anything else should go in logcfg.dat. I have system-wide rules files 
and in my home directory, I have a tree of contests with per-contest 
logcfg.dat files that define the CW messages.

> I'll keep tweaking the rules file.  I didn't have a
> serial number field in the file, neither did I have
> points, but it certainly wants to assign points for
> every QSO.

Correct. It will score QSOs according to some default. Just ignore it.

>  I may just run it in QSO mode if I can get
> around the problem below.

I run in CONTEST mode, and also in CT Mode as I dislike the S&P and 
RUN mode business. Maybe CT compatibility mode will cure the 
ENTER-ENTER problem you described.

> That would help, but I'm running rigs that are too old
> for that kind of control.  ;-)

OK..fair enough. Incidentally: my IC725 is at least 18 years old. Must 
have been one of the first rigs with computer control.
I don't know how you force TLF to start up on a particular band. I 
would have thought that, if there is no rig control, TLF 'remembers' 
the last band when you restart the program.

You should run up TLF and type
to make sure the corerct log file and rules file are being used.

You can also start up TLF with the -v option to watch what it uses.

> Anything in the logcfg.dat or rules file that I could
> tweak?

Sorry: I forgot the bring in copies of my logcfg.dat and rules files.
Will try to do so in a few hrs && drop you a mail.


PS: Will CC this to tlf-devel, in case it is of interest to others.


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