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Fwd: Re: [Tlf-devel] CW Daemon pinout - suggestion

From: Rein Couperus
Subject: Fwd: Re: [Tlf-devel] CW Daemon pinout - suggestion
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 13:47:42 +0100
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I  agree with Martin.

As pin 5 is used for switching an external DVP it makes sense to use it for
switching a mike.
As pin 14 is already implemented in tlf for the above purpuse it means adding
pin 5...

73, Rein PA0R

On Saturday 01 November 2003 23:41, Martin Kratoska wrote:
> Hello TLFers/CW Daemon users,
> I suggest a different pinout for better compatibility with usual
> paralle port interfaces. Signal for MIC/Sound card switching on pin 14
> is not the best solution. TR/NA/CT employs this pin for radio A/B
> switching in SO2R mode or as pullup voltage source for paddle inputs
> (attach 10 resitors from pin 14 to pin 12 and pin 14 to pin 13) in
> single radio mode.
> Therefore, I suggest to move this signal from pin 14 to pin 5 which is
> mostly used with TR and SBDVP (by W9CF). BTW SBDVP allows to assign
> more different pins to MIC/Sound card switching signal to match actual
> configuration.

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