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[Tlf-devel] Re: TLF

From: rein couperus PA0RCT
Subject: [Tlf-devel] Re: TLF
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 09:57:19 +0200

Hello Saku,

tnx for the remarks... I copy this to the tlf mailing list, as I think it is 
also interesting for others.

At the moment the port situation  is as follows:

CW output via cwdaemon-0.4. This can be set to ttyS0, ttyS1, lp0 or lp1.
Although Linux is flexible enough for other ports, most common hardware is 
limited to 2 serial ports and 1 parallel port. (on laptops only 1 serial port 
and 1 parallel port).
If you look at tlf, you will se that you will need max. 2 serial ports (rig 
and packet) and 1 parallel port (for CW). There are no plans as yet for 2x 
rig control on 1 PC, as PC's are so cheap now that it is feasible to use 1 
for each rig. The networking concept of tlf is based on this paradigm.
If you use a separate pc for packet (most stations do) you can get packet info 
in via the network, so a laptop with 1 serial port and 1 parallel port will 
be enough.

On Thursday 17 April 2003 07:14, you wrote:
> >If you find any, or have suggestions for TLF, send comment to
> address@hidden
> Hi Rein!
> Just installed your TLF and made a quick peek to docs.
> Seems to be very nice piece of software. I'm not a contester myself
> but have been looking the job at OH1AF/OH1F club station many times.
> We have transferred all packet systems to Linux succesfully several
> years ago at club and I have told to contest team that they should also
> give up to dos and windoze and move to linux.
> The answer has been," as soon as CT works on Linux". Now I think we are
> quite near...!
> So I'll try to test tlf, but got problems right in begin.
> Linux is very flexible and I'm wondering why the configuration
> is bind to first serial ports. The are most common, OK. But Linux
> can support easily several more.

At this moment it is too much work to support all this linux flexibility. If 
somebody from the community will volunteer, it is fine with me...
I am concentrating more on extending the flexibility of tlf at the moment..

> My opinion is that ports should be called with real names in config
> files. Not with 0 and 1, but /dev/ttySx, /dev/lpx.

I can agree with that.
> My rig control works at /dev/ttyS14, but there is no way to tell
> it to TLF (or ist it??). Also the address of rpc-rig, where to
> put it ?.

Tlf handles only ttyS0 and ttyS1 for rig control at the moment (see above).
This can be extended in the future.

> I also drive PTT via /dev/ttyS15. Works fine on psk & sstv.
> how about that in TLF?

Tlf will output a PTT signal via cwdaemon in future. Like CT and TRlog (same 
pin, If I remember correctly Pin 14 on lp0). This is not yet ready. I will 
stop supporting the other keyers, to make maintenance of the package easier.
So your best bet is to use cwdaemon-0.4.

> So the suggestion is:
> Do not limit ports with nicnames, use original device names instead.
> Keep up good work !
> 73 Saku
> OH1KH (,

73, Rein PA0RCT
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