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[Swftools-common] How to create SWF's which can be navigated independent

From: david hendy
Subject: [Swftools-common] How to create SWF's which can be navigated independently
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 08:31:13 +0000


This issue relates to the viewing of SWF's converted from PDF documents which are then viewed on a web site which uses jQuery dialogs. 

I have found that when I view and navigate SWF's in 2 jQuery dialogs which are open simultaneously, navigation in one SWF file interferes with navigation in the other. To be specific as soon as I click on a viewer button in one document the document being shown in the other dialog immediately returns to the starting page.

Perhaps there is a way of preventing this from happening through selecting different options when I convert the PDF to the SWF and combine the SWF with a viewer.

The following shows how I created the navigable SWF's in my PHP script on my Windows 7 PC.

define('SWF_PATH', $root_folder_path.'swf/');

    // ----
    // Converts the PDF to a SWF file
    // ----
    $command="$executable -o $temp_swf_file_not_browsable $temp_pdf_file";
    if(!empty($result))return $result;
    // ----
    // Adds navigation buttons to the SWF file
    // ----
    $command="$executable -o $temp_swf_file $navigation_file viewport=$temp_swf_file_not_browsable";
    if(!empty($result))return $result;
    // ----
    // Gets the coordinates of the viewport bounding box
    // ----
    // ----
    // Uses the coordinates of the bounding box to set the size of the SWF
    // ----
    $command="$executable --dummy $coordinates $temp_swf_file -o $temp_swf_file";
    if(!empty($result))return $result;

function returnWidthAndHeightOfSWF($swf_file){
    $command="$executable -XY $swf_file";
    return $coordinates;

I can achieve segregation by showing the SWF in an iframe inside the jQuery dialog. However the problem with is that use of an iframe does not appear to lead to a satisfactory solution when accounting for when the user changes their browser window size. Specifically use of an iframe appears to rule out a client-side solution. A server-side solution is not ideal because window size has to be detected in a preceding page and applied in a subsequent page or page reload.

Any tips or pointers to achieving independently acting SWF's would be much appreciated.



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