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[Swftools-common] [PATCH] swfrender command-line interface enhancement

From: Sergey Vinokurov
Subject: [Swftools-common] [PATCH] swfrender command-line interface enhancement
Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 13:40:18 +0300

Hello, I'm not sure how one properly proposes enhancements, but when
using swfrender
program it took me a while to figure out command-line parameters to
set dimensions of
resulting image simply because they were not mentioned in usage
snippet. So I decided
to add them to usage and here's the patch.

And please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.

diff --git a/src/swfrender.c b/src/swfrender.c
index 87a8b32..f6e55aa 100644
--- a/src/swfrender.c
+++ b/src/swfrender.c
@@ -93,11 +93,13 @@ int args_callback_longoption(char*name,char*val)
 void args_callback_usage(char *name)
-    printf("Usage: %s file.swf [-o output.png]\n", name);
+    printf("Usage: %s file.swf [-X<width>] [-Y<height>] [-o
output.png]\n", name);
     printf("-h , --help                    Print short help message
and exit\n");
     printf("-l , --legacy                  Use old rendering framework\n");
-    printf("-o , --output                 Output file (default: 
+    printf("-o , --output                  Output file (default:
+    printf("-X                             Width of resulting image\n");
+    printf("-Y                             Height of resulting image\n");
 int args_callback_command(char*name,char*val)

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