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Re: [Swftools-common] PDF takes forever to process (possibly never finis

From: Matthew Richer
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] PDF takes forever to process (possibly never finishes)
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 14:23:37 -0500

Hello everyone,


I have a PDF which I’ve generated from an AI file (using GhostScript).  I then want to take the AI file to SWF using PDF2SWF.  The problem is the file never finishes processing.   The only way I can get it to complete is to use “-O1”, however, in a programmatic environment I cannot readily detect this scenario without the use of some large process timeout and then utilize the O1 parameter.  Is it possible there is a bug here or some other optimal workaround?


Thanks for the info!







AI File:  http://www.salmizar.com/BadAI.ai

PDF File: http://www.salmizar.com/BadAI.pdf


PDF2SWF Command:

pdf2swf -T9 -s linksopennewwindow -s linknameurl --set storeallcharacters="1" -z "C:\TEMP\BadAI.pdf" -o "D:\TEMP\BadAI.swf"


Verbose Output Command:

pdf2swf -vvv "D:\TEMP\BadAI.pdf" -o "D:\TEMP\BadAI.swf"


Stops at:


DEBUG   |     moveTo 390.30 504.90

DEBUG   |     lineTo 392.90 507.95

DEBUG   |     lineTo 395.15 510.40

DEBUG   |     lineTo 392.50 507.30

DEBUG   |     lineTo 390.30 504.90

TRACE   record: 00b78d18 FILL

TRACE   restoreState 00B71290 (end clipping)

DEBUG   updateLineDash, 0 dashes

TRACE   record: 00b78d18 ENDCLIP

TRACE   restoreState 00BD7380 (end softmask) (end clipping)

VERBOSE clearSoftMask statepos=3

TRACE   record: 00b78d18 END


TRACE   replay: FILL

TRACE   replay: FILL   (repeats over and over)


Thanks again.

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