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Re: [Swftools-common] pls explain the format of add-to-xpdfrc and a prob

From: Irving Popovetsky
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] pls explain the format of add-to-xpdfrc and a problem on CJK
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 09:13:01 -0700

Your truetype fonts should all live under /usr/share/fonts/truetype.    You can force your system's fontconfig to be refreshed by using  "fc-cache -fv".

Which Linux distribution are you using?    Ubuntu 10.04 makes all of the cmap/etc stuff very easy with the cmap-adobe-(language) and xpdf-(language) packages in the OS.


On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 4:03 AM, <address@hidden> wrote:
Question 1:

Could someone explaines in detail the format of add-to-xpdfrc?  How
should I add character collection and ttf font?

Question 2:

I have Adobe-Japan1-4, why does swftools complain about not having Adobe-Japan1?


What I tried:

I downloaded the CJK font at
http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/font/index.html , and put
them in /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified.

       $ ls
       00_ReadMe.pdf    Adobe-GB1-UCS2          GBK-EUC-UCS2    H
       83pv-RKSJ-H      Adobe-GB1.cidToUnicode  GBK-EUC-V       ISO-2022-CN.unicodeMap
       90ms-RKSJ-H      Adobe-Japan1-4          GBK.unicodeMap  README
       90ms-RKSJ-UCS2   Adobe-Japan1-UCS2       GBK2K-H         UniGB-UCS2-H
       90ms-RKSJ-V      CMap                    GBK2K-V         UniGB-UCS2-V
       90msp-RKSJ-H     EUC-CN.unicodeMap       GBKp-EUC-H      UniJIS-UCS2-H
       90msp-RKSJ-V     EUC-H                   GBKp-EUC-V      UniJIS-UCS2-HW-H
       90pv-RKSJ-H      EUC-V                   GBT-EUC-H       UniJIS-UCS2-HW-V
       90pv-RKSJ-UCS2   Ext-RKSJ-H              GBT-EUC-V       UniJIS-UCS2-V
       90pv-RKSJ-UCS2C  Ext-RKSJ-V              GBpc-EUC-H      V
       Add-RKSJ-H       GB-EUC-H                GBpc-EUC-UCS2   add-to-xpdfrc
       Add-RKSJ-V       GB-EUC-V                GBpc-EUC-UCS2C  ls.txt
       Adobe-GB1-4      GBK-EUC-H               GBpc-EUC-V

Then, I began to convert some pdfs.

       $ pdf2swf  167680001.pdf -o tmp/test.swf -s
       NOTICE  Adding /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/ to language
pack directories
       Error: Couldn't open cidToUnicode file
       Error: Unknown character collection 'Adobe-GB1'
       Error: Couldn't find a font for 'STXihei'
       Error: Couldn't find a font for 'STXihei'

I didn't have the font.  I downloaded it here:

Then I copied it to /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/ folder.
And add a line to add-to-xpdfrc

               displayCIDFontTT        Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/STXIHEI.TTF

Re-run the command:

       $ pdf2swf  167680001.pdf -o tmp/test.swf -s

Now, it works.

       NOTICE  processing PDF page 61 (505x647:0:0) (move:-541:-36)
       NOTICE  Writing SWF file tmp/1676.61.swf
       NOTICE  processing PDF page 62 (505x647:0:0) (move:-36:-36)
       NOTICE  Writing SWF file tmp/1676.62.swf

I moved on to another pdf:

       $ pdf2swf  165660001.pdf -o tmp/1676.%.swf -s
       NOTICE  Adding /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/ to language
pack directories
       NOTICE  outputting one file per page
       Error: Unknown character collection 'Adobe-Japan1'

I thought i had Adobe-Japan1,

       $ ls Adobe-J*
       Adobe-Japan1-4  Adobe-Japan1-UCS2

I read that one should edit the add-to-xpdfrc file as following for
CJK compability, I sensed I messed up there.

Here's my add-to-xpdfrc

       $ cat add-to-xpdfrc
       #----- begin Chinese Simplified support package (2004-jul-27)
       cidToUnicode    Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/Adobe-GB1.cidToUnicode
       #cidToUnicode   Adobe-Japan1    /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/Adobe-Japan1-4
       unicodeMap      Adobe-Japan1    /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/Adobe-Japan1-4
       unicodeMap      ISO-2022-CN     /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/ISO-2022-CN.unicodeMap
       unicodeMap      EUC-CN          /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/EUC-CN.unicodeMap
       unicodeMap      Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chcinese-simplified/GBpc-EUC-H
       unicodeMap      GBK             /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/GBK.unicodeMap
       cMapDir         Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/CMap
       toUnicodeDir                    /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/CMap
       displayCIDFontTT        Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/STXIHEI.TTF
#----- end Chinese Simplified support package

How should I add more font?  Or, do I have to add those font one by
one? If so, how?  I don't understand the format here, like should i
prefix GBpc-EUC-H with cidToUnicode or unicodeMap ?

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