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Re: [Swftools-common] please help

From: Chris Pugh
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] please help
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:21:57 +0100

On 14 April 2010 08:10, John Francis Lee <address@hidden> wrote:
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> After an outburst like this..

'Outburst like this.. '?? ( scratches head in puzzlement..)  Where, when,
how? Moi?  ;o)

>why would anyone ever want to ever hear of swftools again?

I don't know, why wouldn't they?  What is the matter with it, exactly?
It is what it is. No more no less.  If you happen to be someone who likes
for Windows/Microsoft or Installer/Uninstaller routines to handle every
last detail of your computer software experience, then maybe you'd care
to improve the windows port?   I'm sure you'd make Mattias well happy.

As to what Luigi did.. Who knows!  Was trying to cover all bases, especialy
since some people do some really rather strange things ...with their computing


Even more off topic ( but what the heck )..

Incidentally, I have to admit that I've never really seen any of the
varieties of
Erithacus actually in a Lea.  Mainly prefer woodland.  Even when I've been
sub-soiling they seem ( unlike other varieties ) to have the
intelligence to stay
well clear of the tractor!



> Chris Pugh wrote:
>> .. did you mean *IS NOT* what I am lookng for?  You also did not state
>> which version of SWFTools you have installed.  Let us assume 0.9.0...
>> On your program menu there should be an 'uninstall' available for the
>> pdfs2df gui.
>> For the command line tools, simply remove the SWFTools directory you 
>> installed
>> them in, and any shortcuts you may have created.  There are no entries
>> in Windows' Add Remove Programs List for SWFTools.
>> If you did something strange on the install(!) -  we are not mind readers
>> you know, we weren't looking over your shoulder when you did it - then
>> here is a final check:
>>      http://support.microsoft.com/kb/247501
>> HTH
>> Regards,
>> Chris.
>> On 13 April 2010 18:11, Luigi Tommasi <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I installed the program and is what I was looking for. I am unable to
>>> unistall from windows 2000. Please does anyone know how to do it?
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