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[Swftools-common] Classname 'MainTimeline' in AS3 is not unique causing

From: lallebob
Subject: [Swftools-common] Classname 'MainTimeline' in AS3 is not unique causing TypeError: Error #1009 for PDFs with Links
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 21:59:20 +0100

Hi there!

I use: pdf2swf Version 0.9.0 Windows Installer

I export my PDFs with this command:

pdf2swf -T 9 "Test.pdf" -o "Test%.swf" -i -j 50 -s linkfunction=event -t

I get one SWF for each page in the PDF. Each page has Links on it.
My problem is when I load the SWFs in my Container with a Loader I get an error 
and only the links of the first loaded SWF work:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object 
reference at 
        at rfx::MainTimeline/frame0()[framescript.as:1]

After a lot of searching and testing I found out that in all SWFs the class 
"MainTimeline" is declared. I used FlashDecompiler to check this. The function 
frame0() is called correctly but the button member vars are NOT present for the 
second SWF I load. Thus I get a null-Reference as the Error says. I think they 
are shadowed.

Thus I checked the code of pdf2swf and in \lib\as3\scripts.c I found that an 
MD5 Hash should be attached to the classname. MainTimeline_[HASH]:

   49     finish_md5(md5, h);
   50     sprintf(file_signature, 
   53     char scenename1[80], scenename2[80];
   54     sprintf(scenename1, "rfx.MainTimeline_%s", file_signature);
   55     sprintf(scenename2, "rfx::MainTimeline_%s", file_signature);
   57     abc_file_t*file = abc_file_new();
   58     abc_method_body_t*c = 0;
   60     abc_class_t*cls = abc_class_new2(file, scenename2, 
   62     TAG*abctag = swf_InsertTagBefore(swf, swf->firstTag, ST_DOABC);
   64     tag = swf_InsertTag(abctag, ST_SYMBOLCLASS);

Is that right or do I misunderstand something here?

Why isn't that Hash set in the resulting SWF?!? Do I need to set a commandline 

I really need that to get working. Could someone please help?

Thanx alot

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