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Re: [Swftools-common] segmentation faults in 0.9.0

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] segmentation faults in 0.9.0
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 08:11:17 +0100

Am Mittwoch, den 13.01.2010, 13:02 +0000 schrieb Digital Initiatives
> Hi all,
> I am currently testing the 0.9.0 version and loving it - it's fixed a 
> lot of shape issues we used to get, but I have started getting a lot of 
> segmentation faults. This is on a Debian 2.6.18.dfsg.1-13etch6 server, 
> but I get the same on CentOS 5:

> 28842 Segmentation fault      pdf2swf -p 1 -s zoom=59.6 -s 
> jpegquality=90 -S -z "PDFs/SA01_07.pdf" -o "hiRes/SA01_07.swf"

The immediate cause of the crash is that i->out
(lib/devices/polyops.c:114) is null, though I don't know why that

#0  0x00000000005087bc in polyops_startclip (dev=<value optimized out>, 
    line=0x25bb020) at devices/polyops.c:114
#1  0x00000000005070f3 in replay (dev=<value optimized out>, 
    out=0x7fffc453f010, data=<value optimized out>, length=81823)
    at devices/record.c:472
#2  0x00000000005076ff in gfxresult_record_replay (
    result=<value optimized out>, device=0x25bb020) at
#3  0x00000000004be979 in GFXOutputDev::clearSoftMask (this=0x245d370, 
    state=<value optimized out>) at GFXOutputDev.cc:2802
#4  0x00000000004bef80 in GFXOutputDev::restoreState (this=0x245d370, 
    state=0x248dd90) at GFXOutputDev.cc:1899
#5  0x0000000000489f1b in Gfx::restoreState (this=0x245cf40)
    at xpdf/Gfx.cc:4181

I also notice that pdf2swf segfaults in the following cases:

pdf2swf -s
pdf2swf -m

This is because strdup is then called on a null pointer; there is no
check that the expected argument is supplied.


The current release of Gnash is 0.8.6

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer - http://benjaminwolsey.de

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