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Re: [Swftools-common] converting multiple pdfs

From: Chris Pugh
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] converting multiple pdfs
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 21:01:49 +0100

You have semantic error in your code Lexy.


   FOR /R %1 in (*.pdf) DO @pdf2swf %~f1 -o %~dp1%~n1.swf

from the command line, and you'll see if works perfecvtly.

Executing from within an batch file, means you *must* precede
your control variable with two percent signs, not one, thus,

   FOR /R %%1 in ...

That said, you may find a few more issues yet with the same
line when run from a batch file! ;o)

A couple of random links ar given below.  They should help you sort
out the remaining gremlins.






2009/8/12 Lexy Munck <address@hidden>:
> I've been trying to convert all the pdfs in a directory to swfs at the same
> time.  Here's what I have:
> Windows XP Version 2002
> All of my pdfs are in a directory.
> I put pdf2swf.exe in with them.
> I've created a .bat file which reads:
> FOR /R %1 in (*.pdf) DO @pdf2swf %~f1 -o %~dp1%~n1.swf
> When I run the .bat file, The error message I get is (*.pdf) was unexpected
> at this time.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Alexandra

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