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[Swftools-common] external and internal links

From: Stijn Davinci
Subject: [Swftools-common] external and internal links
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 18:17:23 +0100


        I'm using the latest windows-version currently for test-purposes.

My steps:
1. Conversion odf to pdf (using openoffice itself)
2. Conversion to swf: pdf2swf testdocodt.pdf -o testdocodt.swf
3. Adding viewer: swfcombine.exe -o testdocodtv.swf rfxview.swf 

The result is nice but,
1. external links are not working
2. internal links work, but pages-numbers of the viewer is not following. For 
example: being on page one, click on Introduction:
        you see page too, but the viewer-info remains on 1. So clicking on the 
viewer forward/backward is misleading...

I did some testing with 
        Freepaper. This solved only partially my problems.

Herewith my openoffice doc, testdocodt.pdf, testdocodt.swf and testdocodtv.swf 
in SWFToolsTestStijn.zip.

Thanks for your suggestions,


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