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[Swftools-common] Adding custom AS when pdf2swf encounters a link

From: Douglas Miller
Subject: [Swftools-common] Adding custom AS when pdf2swf encounters a link
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 09:30:11 -0600

I am using a page turning viewer that makes a pdf look like a book with the pages side by side. When a user clicks on the swf file, the viewer starts to turn the page to the next in the series. This is a problem when there is an external link in the swf file as when I go to click it, the page turns. According to the people who made the flash viewer that I'm using, this can be fised by adding custom AS to the link:

on(rollOver, dragOver){
    _root.canflip=false; // flipping disabled
on(rollOut, dragOut, releaseOutside){
    _root.canflip=true; // flipping enabled
    _root.canflip=true; // flipping enabled
    getURL("http://www.google.com", target="_blank"); // open link in new window

Is there anyway that I can have pdf2swf add this custom AS when a link in encountered?

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