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Re: [Swftools-common] creating an swf

From: John Francis Lee
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] creating an swf
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 16:57:53 +0700
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Matthias Kramm wrote:
On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 11:08:52AM +0700, John Francis Lee <address@hidden> 
Do you see anything obvious that I am doing wrong?

.flash name=combined.swf fps=30

No... the fps parameter *does* control how fast the movie
is playing. Maybe you hit the CPU limit.


I am sure that is the case if you say it is.

What I am trying to make is a set of swf's that can be projected between scenes in a little play that the kids in my school are going to put on in English. The sound track is not essential. It is just me modeling the language they might use. They will create their own live "soundtrack".


It is not bad! But I have two problems.
1. The audio stops halfway through in each swf. It would be good if I could make it go to completion. 2. Besides the problem with the audio in scene 3, I cannot get the little movie in that segment to stop. It loops.

Here are two .sc files that I used to make the still and movie swf's

.flash name=combined-scene2.swf fps=30
        .frame 1
        .sound sound2 Scene2.mp3
        .swf image1 Instrumental_Temperature_Record.swf
        .swf image2 Mauna_Loa_Carbon_Dioxide-en.swf
        .swf image3 water_cycle.swf
        .swf image4 flooduttaradit.swf
        .swf image5 drought.swf
        .play sound2
        .put image1 pin=center scalex=400 scaley=300
        .frame 320
        .jump image1 luminance=0 #fadeout
        .frame 350
        .put image2 pin=center scalex=400 scaley=300
        .frame 590
        .jump image2 luminance=0 #fadeout
        .frame 600
        .put image3 pin=center scalex=400 scaley=300
        .frame 890
        .jump image3 luminance=0 #fadeout
        .frame 900
        .put image4 pin=center scalex=400 scaley=300
        .frame 1190
        .jump image4 luminance=0 #fadeout
        .frame 1200
        .put image5 pin=center scalex=400 scaley=300
        .frame 1490
        .jump image5 luminance=0 #fadeout

.flash name=combined-scene3.swf fps=30
        .frame 1
        .sound sound1 Scene3.mp3
        .swf movie1 seaIce_2008_V2_wDates.swf
        .put movie1
        .play sound1
        .jump movie1 luminance=0 #fadeout

The movie is 1080 frames long.

I would of course appreciate any insight you might have to my problems.

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John Francis Lee
1025/37 Thanon Jet Yod
T.Wiang A.Mueang J.Chiangrai 57000

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