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[Swftools-common] Run time error with compiled code for poly2bitmap

From: Isabelle Tan
Subject: [Swftools-common] Run time error with compiled code for poly2bitmap
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 18:33:36 +0800

Hi, thanks for adding in the changes to rand() vs lrand()
Now there is other run time error when using -s poly2bitmap and bitmap
both have similar errors

I have compared the verbose output for -s poly2bitmap and this is the only significant difference

original (.exe from website)
VERBOSE Flushing bitmap (bbox: 123,102,210,169)
VERBOSE Drawing 87x67 image (id 3) at size 87x67 (87x67), 2 colors
compiled (from .tar.gz from website)
VERBOSE Flushing bitmap (bbox: 209,102,210,169)
VERBOSE Drawing 1x67 image (id 3) at size 1x67 (1x67), 1 colors

in another case
VERBOSE Flushing bitmap (bbox: 106,98,429,269)
VERBOSE Drawing 323x171 image (id 3) at size 323x171 (323x171), >256 colors
VERBOSE ISABELLE WAS HERE Flushing bitmap (bbox: 157,98,428,269)
VERBOSE Drawing 271x171 image (id 3) at size 271x171 (271x171), 10 colors

I find it wierd that the image size can be wrong in one attribute but correct in the other... not sure where to start finding how to fix this.

There is no such error when running without the -s poly2bitmap or -s bitmap
I compiled on ming32 according to the instructions here,
my make could not run these lines with the same previous error about multiple target patterns
lame/%.$(O): lame/%.(C)
    $(C) $< -o $@
action/%.$(O): action/%.(C)
    $(C) $< -o $@   

and i tried replacing with this found in the 0.8.1 makefile , am not entirely sure what the implications are and if it is related to the error above

    cd lame;$(MAKE) all;cd ..
    cd action;$(MAKE) all;cd ..


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