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Re: [Swftools-common] help for workflow

From: Benedikt Quirmbach
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] help for workflow
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 13:59:58 +0200

Hi, Mathias,

now I tried your tipps.

It looks like I get a pagex.swf out of pdf2swf that is much larger than 424 X 600 px.
The images look very bad; lots of jpg artefacts.
The fonts look great.

When I combine the two SWFs, the formerly PDF is much bigger than my button.swf, which is exactly 424X600. The result is that the buttons do not fit exactly to the "PDF".

I need a way to scale the pdf.swf exacly to the size I need inside the combined swf or before combining the two.

Do you have any tipps to make this work?


Am 28.07.2008 um 15:37 schrieb Matthias Kramm:

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 01:02:46PM +0200, Benedikt Quirmbach <address@hidden > wrote:
1. convert a PDF into SWF: one page  --> pdfOutput.swf
All texts on the PDF must be readable by ActionScript in the resulting

pdf2swf -I file.pdf
[dumps a list of pages]

for each page, run a conversion:

pdf2swf -f -p1 file.pdf -o page1.swf
pdf2swf -f -p2 file.pdf -o page2.swf
pdf2swf -f -p3 file.pdf -o page3.swf
pdf2swf -f -p4 file.pdf -o page4.swf

3. combine the SWFs into one SWF:
the resulting SWF must have a certain size (424 X 600 px),
the pdfOutput.swf must fit exactly into this size
the overlay.swf must fit exactly into this size
the two combined SWFs must be in the first (and only) frame of the
combined SWF

swfcombine -X 424 -Y 600 -Tm page1.swf buttons.swf -o combined1.swf
swfcombine -X 424 -Y 600 -Tm page2.swf buttons.swf -o combined2.swf
swfcombine -X 424 -Y 600 -Tm page3.swf buttons.swf -o combined3.swf
swfcombine -X 424 -Y 600 -Tm page4.swf buttons.swf -o combined4.swf



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