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[Swftools-common] using pdf2swf- issue

From: Swaminathan S
Subject: [Swftools-common] using pdf2swf- issue
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:48:30 +0530



Herewith I have attached the sample swf file generated using pdf2swf tool (swftools - pdfswf.exe) and the source pdf.


The tool gives out the swf smoothly but the problem I am facing is when I try to get the height and width information of the swf. In my scenario the pdf is cropped and after converting the pdf to swf I still get the dimensions as it was before cropping. How can we create the swf so that we can get the width and height only for the visible region ?.


I have also tried swfbox to see the Real and the Original size of the swf, but I cannot succeed.



Original PDF Dimensions (WxH)

PDF Dimensions after applying crop (WxH)

Real Size I got from swfbbox

Original Size I got from swfbbox

Size I got after loading into flash player

862 x 1238 pixels

594.56 x 786.56 pixels

862 x 1238 pixels

862 x 1238 pixels

862 x 1238 pixels


Can you please help me out in how to make the swf to get the dimensions only for the visible area (594.56 x 786.56 pixels) ?






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