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Re: [Swftools-common] defining counters in swfc

From: Matthias Kramm
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] defining counters in swfc
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 16:16:38 +0200
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On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 09:40:27PM +0200, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:
> .edittext info font=roman color=white size=40% width=800 height=500
> align=center border=none noselect variable=timecount
> .put info pin=center x=334 y=400
> timecount =  snd.position + " / " + sound_len;

Where exactly is the last line (the ActionScript assigning timecount)
located? Could you send the whole script?



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