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[Swftools-common] A license question

From: Robert Hine
Subject: [Swftools-common] A license question
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 20:17:40 -0500

(I hope i've sent this to the right place, never a mailing list before)

Hi everyone, A quick question,
    I have been enjoying using swf tools for a few days now and have found it incredible, the turnaround of learning Flash/Actionscript has been incredible compared to the time I have spent learning c++ over recent years, The tools are a sinch to install on Ubuntu and everything has been going well so far, however one thing keeps popping up at the back of my mind and it is to do with the GPL license, Having used LGPL librarys in the past I used to be put off by GPL as (from a c++ point of view) it stopped me from keeping closed source, and I have heard (only been using flash since tuesday) flash movies are not the most difficult to decompile, that dosn't put me off in the slightest, however I would rather be able to keep the source as close to closed source as possible so I looked into the GPL License and found that if an excecutable does not embed itself into the output file the source does not need to be released under the GPL, for example GCC doesn't embed so it can be used commercially.

Now please don't think i'm trying to be a smartass here, i'm just trying to evaluate all options before shelling out what is quite literally a shedload of cash on the official Flash IDE, when it is legal to use this software and it is free, I am happy to contribute code to other users, but not entire projects, so what i am really asking is whether swftools is the right software for me, or if i should just keep things casual project wise and save up for the Flash IDE  ( a disapointing thought, as i am feeling so at home with SWFTools, i would rather continue using it )

Sorry for the long post everyone, and i will look forward to any replies

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