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[Swftools-common] some additions to swfc

From: Huub Schaeks
Subject: [Swftools-common] some additions to swfc
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 22:39:45 +0200

Hello Matthias

I've been hacking at the swftools a bit this week to implement a few features I thought might be nice to have.

I added a parameter 'glyphs' to the .font command intended to specify that only the specified glyphs are to be imported. This of course helps keeping file size down. I only implemented this for true-type font, but I suppose it should work similarly for t1 and swf fonts.

I added a parameter called 'ease' to the .change command to specify an easing function to be used. In addition I added some extra parameters that are used by certain easing functions. I implemented easing functions quit similar to Robert Penner's (linear, which is the default, and 30 new ones).

I'm not quite sure about using those functions license wise. Robert Penner released his code under the BSD license and I don't know if it is permitted to add my code, which is in some way derived from his, in a GPLed program.

If you're interested I can get the current development snapshot and generate some patch files sometime this weekend probably.

I was looking a little further because I thought I would like to be able to manipulate separate parameters of a character independently. I haven't really studied this yet but I guess it would be a handy approach to implement keeping track of the 'lastFrame' of each parameter separately in the same way the present code keeps track of the 'lastFrame' of each instance. You know the code a lot better than I do; would you agree that this is a useful approach?


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