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[Swftools-common] Replacing JPEGs in existing SWF

From: rogerhoward
Subject: [Swftools-common] Replacing JPEGs in existing SWF
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 20:12:15 -0700

I just joined the list, but looked through the archives to see if I could find what I'm looking for. As best as I can tell, not quite, but close.

First, let me describe in simple terms what I'm looking to do.

I have an existing SWF (we authored, no rights issues). Currently, we are producing variations of this SWF by repeatedly opening the FLA, replacing bitmaps, and then re-exporting the SWF. This is time consuming, and not particularly well suited to automation.

The only thing that changes between each SWF is the actual JPEG data in the 30 or so JPEGs within the file. I began to write a simple SWF parser that would allow me to swap out the JPEGs in the SWF for new ones, but am hoping not to have to maintain that piece.

It seems like if I use swfcombine (which I'm expecting is the partial solution here) I need to first take my JPEGs, merge them into a SWF (with jpeg2swf?), and then use swfcombine to merge the template SWF with my new JPEG swf.

Is there a more direct way to go about this? Ideally I'd (echoing a previous post a few months back by David E. West) be able to just identify the ID of the JPEG I want to replace, and then pass in a path to a file with the JPEG data to be used.

Thanks for any pointers in the right direction.


Roger Howard

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