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[Swftools-common] Swfc -- Waiting for a click from the user

From: Jean LePaul
Subject: [Swftools-common] Swfc -- Waiting for a click from the user
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 16:19:54 -0000


I am a newbie ton swftools and Flash applications.

I just want to do some very simple flash movies. 

My first movie consists in the following:
    - "putting" some objects;
    - wiating for a click from the user ;
    - "changing" the objects (moving them).

I can put the objects and I can change the objects. But I dont know how to 
start moving the objects AFTER a user's click... Obviously, I have tried to use 
the .button object, but I don't know how exactly how... Every example that I've 
seen uses ActionScript and I don't know anything about that langage.

So, basicly, here my .sc file:

.flash filename="anim.swf" fps=25 bbox=766x410
.box travail  766 410
.png d1 "Crayon1.png"
.png d2 "Crayon2.png"
.png d3 "Crayon3.png"
.put d1
.put d2 278 0
.put d3 278 311
.button zone
    .show travail as=area
.put zone 

and I would like to replace the ??????????? with something that says 

"after a click do 
.frame 25
.change d2 522 0
.frame 37
.change d3 278 0
.frame 50
.change d2 278 95

I hope it is clear...
Could you help me please...?

Thank you,



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