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[Swftools-common] pin bug?

From: Pedro Jorge Caridade
Subject: [Swftools-common] pin bug?
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 17:59:22 +0000
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Hi to all

I'm getting a very strange behavior when using "pin=center" on the example:

.flash bbox=300x300 filename="tcc-intro.swf" fps=25 version=6
.swf mybackground background.swf
.swf pes pes.swf
.frame 1 .put mybackground pin=center x=150 y=150
  .put pes pin=center x=80 y=70 scale=0% alpha=0%
#   .put pes x=80 y=70 scale=0% alpha=0%
.frame 26
  .change pes pin=center alpha=100% scale=50% rotate+=360
#   .change pes alpha=100% scale=50% rotate+=360

If I remove the pin=center from ".put pes", eveything ok. But when I use pin=center, the background covers "pes". I tried with other swf 's files and is always the same. Even creating a box instead of using my background.swf it happens the same. Is there any bug with pin=center? And by the way is there any solution if I need to give the upper-right coordinates? pin=right doesn't exist.



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