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Re[2]: [Swftools-common] How to get it working?

From: Gunivortus Goos
Subject: Re[2]: [Swftools-common] How to get it working?
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 06:59:07 +0200


DR> Try with some thing like this example in the comman line
DR> C:\swftools>pdf2swf.exe -s zoom=8 -s jpegquality=30 c:\ncan0701.pdf 

Thank you all for your answers!

Yes, I know what a commandline is... grins..., used it in the
times of MS DOS and DR DOS as I was much younger.
How glad I was I could exchange it for a graphical interface.
I didn't recognize SWFTools as such.

So SWFTools then is nothing for me, preferring highly to
avoid commandlines.
I will seek for a win32 tool that can convert such things
in a graphical envirroment.

Best regards,

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