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Re: [Swftools-common] Placing an object

From: michelts
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] Placing an object
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 11:27:30 -0200


> swfc is not able to implicitly calculate coordinates (that's a TODO),
> but you can always use sprites to place objects relatively to each other:

No problem,

>     .sprite myboxspr
>         .box mybox ...
>         .put mybox
>         .button mybutton ..
>         .put button x=30 y=30 # relative to mybox/myboxspr
>     .end
>     .put myboxspr x=100 y=100

Hum, very cool, help me a lot, I have just another question: is there
a way to put objects inside a button? I create a outline and filled it
with a gradient, I want to put a text inside it, now I know I can use
sprites to do this, but see my idea:

        .button btn1
            .show btn as=shape y=0 x=0
            .show btn as=hover y=0 x=0
            .text label1 font=impact size=100% color=red text="Some Label"
            .put label1 x=0 y=0
                getURL("http://www.somesite.net/";, GET);

The "btn" object was define before and it is working without the
".text" instruction. I can do a sprite with the outline and the label
and then use it inside the button, but it will be easier to apply the
label inside the button.

Ah, how can I set a target in the getURL action script? I try something like:

     getURL("http://www.somesite.net/";, "_blank", GET); # doesn't compile
     getURL("http://www.somesite.net/";, GET, "_blank"); # compiles but
doesn't work

Thanks for all help

Michel Thadeu Sabchuk
Curitiba - Brasil

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