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[Swftools-common] WAV2SWF Help

From: Henderson, T DR. MATH
Subject: [Swftools-common] WAV2SWF Help
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 06:29:20 -0400

I'm converting my WAV audio file to SWF so as to embed it in a webpage and 
control the playback with JavaScript.  I convert my WAV to SWF in the following 

wav2swf foo.wav -v -s 44100 -S -b 128 -o foo.swf

As you can see, I used -S to make sure that the sound doesn't play 
automatically when the page loads.  However, I would like to use JavaScript to 
control the playback.  I have downloaded flashsound.js, and here's my HTML code 
to attempt this playback.  For some reason, it's not working.  I would 
appreciate any help you could provide:

   <script src="flashsound.js"></script>
      var foo = new FlashSound();
      function playFoo() {

   <script foo.embedSWF="foo.swf"></script>
   <a href="javascript:playFoo()">Play</a>

When the page loads, the SWF does not automatically play.  However, clicking on 
this "Play" link doesn't start the playback.  I would appreciate any help that 
you could provide.


Troy Henderson
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
252 Thayer Hall
United States Military Academy
West Point, NY  10996
(845) 938-5649

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