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Re: [Swftools-common] I am planning an app based on pdf2swf, can i ...

From: Matthias Kramm
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] I am planning an app based on pdf2swf, can i ...
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 13:05:41 +0200
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On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 11:34:39AM -0400, Gilbert Mizrahi wrote:
> More explicitly, I am planning to provide a GUI to use the pdf2swf for
> Windows. Also, I will provide a player that will allow users to zoom
> in/out, navigate trough the document (next/previous page), etc.
> Can I distribute pdf2swf from my site or I have to ask users to download
> it from http://www.quiss.org/swftools/.

You're welcome to distribute pdf2swf from your site. Just make sure
you always also offer the source code (the .tar.gz) archive together
with the .exe files (In order for the GPL to be fullfilled).

One question, though: How do you link pdf2swf together with your
application? Via command-line, or by re-compiling/linking the C++

> If I can redistribute it from my site what are the standard credits I
> have to include?

Please just state that your product contains some code from 
http://www.quiss.org/swftools. That's sufficient, as far as I'm

> The "products" that I make based on swftools should be free or can have
> some for free and some for fee?

In principle, you can also offer them for a fee, if you follow a few
(GPL induced) rules:
1.) Every software you send out (via mail, download, CD/DVD etc.) must
    always be accompanied with the source code of swftools (the .tar.gz
    archives) If you distribute a modified/enhanced version of pdf2swf, include
    the full source code of all modifications/enhancements, too.
2.) You may charge for the "act of distribution", but not for the
    software itself. In particular, you must not offer the software
    under any different license than the GPL.

> In short, I want to make sure everything I do is ok and legal.

Most appreciated.  I'm looking forward to seeing your product once you
release it!



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