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Re: [Swftools-common] sharpness control

From: Patrick Brockmann
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] sharpness control
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 12:39:45 +0200
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Matthias Kramm wrote:

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 06:18:16PM +0100, Patrick Brockmann wrote:
I have put all the materials.
From jpeg images to the final animation
(loading message animation + a controlled animation)
See README file from http://dods.ipsl.jussieu.fr/brocksce/swf_test/

Hm- I get a 404 when trying to access this. Could you upload it again?



Hi Matthias,

I have put again a new serie of png files and the way I have created the final animation
(with control buttons and a preloader).

See http://dods.ipsl.jussieu.fr/brocksce/swf_test/

In addition to the problem of sharpness of the resulting animation, I have noticed that the preloader is not active during the loading phase. Could you confirm this ?

Thanks for your assistance.
PS: Many people around me (research area) look to swftools with great interest.



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