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Re[2]: [Swftools-common] Problem compiling dev snapshot

From: Matt Southall
Subject: Re[2]: [Swftools-common] Problem compiling dev snapshot
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 17:09:49 +0100

Thursday, March 24, 2005, 6:13:05 AM, you wrote:

MK> which is what caused the compile to fail in your case (It's
MK> perfectly valid for newer gcc versions, it only fails for 2.95.x).

MK> Anyway, this is fixed now. I'll upload a new snapshot shortly.

Thanks.. found another gcc 2.95.x problem in swfrender.c in the
snapshot, but fixed it myself and everything compiled perfectly.
Checked CVS and it's already fixed in that version (problem was in
swf_Render in swfrender.c).

Image matrix problem I mentioned earlier is fixed, type0C fonts also
seem to be working if you force them. Nice work.

While checking the CVS version I found that gcc 2.95.x problem
elsewhere though.. (declaring "renderpoint_t p, lp;" around line 510
in swfrender.c).

Thanks for all your fixes, I'll keep checking them on my 2.95.4 gcc
and let you know about all the annoying things it complains about :)



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