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[Swftools-common] swfcombine bug report

From: Philippe Maurer
Subject: [Swftools-common] swfcombine bug report
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:15:46 +0100



I am using the swfcombine tool to add some actionscript coding to a specific swf file.

Basically I am adding a System.security.allowDomain command to share swf assets between different domains.


My file is based on a single image. When in flash the image is set with Photo compression the resulted file with swfcombine becomes unreadable.

But when it is set to Lossless (PNG/GIF), the resulted file becomes correct.


Here is a link with all assets:



My command is

swfcombine -T -o test.swf entry.swf security.swf


Hope this helps




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