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[Swftools-common] Need help with a print solution

From: Chris Flowers
Subject: [Swftools-common] Need help with a print solution
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 22:28:43 -0400

Hello Matthias,
Here's my problem. I have a PowerPoint file converted to a pdf. This pdf is then converted to a 'rawslides.swf'
where there is 1 slide per 1 frame in the swf. The rawslides are added inside another .swf for syncing up to an
audio or video track. All is good up to here, a simple presentation file.
Now, I'd like to add the ability for users to print the rawslides 6-up on a page for however many pages needed.
Basically I would prebuild the printable version of the slides and embed this offscreen somewhere until needed.
Is there a way with swfc to add the rawslides.swf like:  .swf slides="rawslides.swf"
Then add 6 instances of 'slides' per printable page with each instance already at a given frame?
The only way I have found so far to set the proper frames is via an actionscript which fails to execute
when a print(myslides,"bframe"); is called. Usually page 1 will print ok but page 2 and beyond
prints all 6 slides at frame 1 ignoring any 'gotoAndStop' actionscripts.
I've tried converting the rawslides.swf to individual swfs but this approach increases the filesize far too much.
When useing Flash MX to create slides "by hand" I could drag the slides movieclip on stage and
change the instance type to a 'graphic symbol' then tell the graphic display a frame number.
This worked perfectly and did not add any additional weight to the file.
Is the any swfc command to mimic a graphic symbol type? something like:
.swf  slides="rawslides.swf"
.put s1=slides 0 0 .scale=36% .singleframe=1
.put s2=slides 300 0 .scale=36% .singleframe=2
Any help is appreciated.

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