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[Swftools-common] Simple Links? and a button problem with swfc

From: John Simmons
Subject: [Swftools-common] Simple Links? and a button problem with swfc
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 03:40:58 -0700
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Is there a simple way to add an <A HREF> to a text object?
If not, how about to a button?

I am wanting to have a simple text or button object
at the end of a movie (e.g. enter site, replay flash).

I am using swfc compiled under cygwin, (0.5.1) which generally works great, but
does not seem to like actionscript using getURL()

Also for some reason, I am not able to generate buttons using either text in boxes or using jpegs. No matter what I do (including following the formulas in the examples on the swftools site)
I get an error concerning a missing value for shape.

e.g. a button similar to the button1 example:

.button jpeg_button

       .show button_idle as=idle
       .show button_idle as=area
       .show button_hover as=hover
       .show button_pressed as=pressed
       # ActionScript


or this one:

.button object_button

       .show button_idle as=area
       .show button_idle as=idle
       .show button_idle as=shape
.show button_hover alpha=90% as=hover .show info_text pin=center x=100 y=-30 as=pressed # coordinates are relative
       #Some Actionscript for v6 player bug ? Should ok now.


will also generate the same error.

Swftools are great!



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