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Re: [STUMP] Dependencies

From: aaermolov
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Dependencies
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 10:19:51 +0300

Hi David,

Just curious, what is supposed to be used instead of cl-ppcre that way?


David Bjergaard <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi All,
> When I first started maintaining stumpwm, I was interested in knowing if 
> people
> were OK with extra dependencies in stumpwm.  This was before quicklisp was as
> popular as it is now, and the build prescription didn't even mention it.
> Things have changed now, and there have been a handful of contributions that
> change the way stumpwm handles its internal loop.  There are also many, many
> places where stumpwm re-invents the wheel for the sake of keeping dependencies
> to a minimum.  The arguments for minimal dependencies are/were:
> 1. Less overhead for compiling (especially those unfamiliar with lisp 
> development)
> 2. Less dependence on upstream changes that break their interface
> 3. Smaller dependencies -> greater freedom to run on multiple lisp flavors
> 4. Lower dependencies make it easier for distro managers to package and ship
>    stumpwm outside of quicklisp/compiling with make
> Quicklisp clearly nullifies argument 1.  Argument 2 is still an issue.  I've
> been told that argument 3 is also moot with quicklisp since libraries in
> quicklisp are supposed to run in multiple flavors.  In practice I've had the
> opposite experience with the gui libraries  I've looked at (qt and smoke, and
> the freetype renderer).  
> While I believe philosophically that we should only depend on sbcl (the most
> popular flavor), others in the community disagree.  Therefore I have agreed 
> that
> the mainline stumpwm will keep the minimal dependency design requirement, and
> that paulownia (stumpwm 2.0) will have a much looser policy.  
> I bring this up because there have been requests to:
> 1. remove dependence on cl-ppcre
> 2. add dependence on bordeaux-threads and alexandria
> I think it warrants a discussion since the landscape has changes so much in 
> the
> last 3-4 years.
>     David
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