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[STUMP] 0.9.8-rc Bugfix release

From: David Bjergaard
Subject: [STUMP] 0.9.8-rc Bugfix release
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 14:54:06 -0500
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Hi All,

I've tagged a release candidate for 0.9.8.  Currently it is in line with
the master branch of git. If there are any outstanding bugs that haven't
been reported or fixed pleas report them in the next few weeks.  After
that I'll release 0.9.8.

If you are impatient for anti-aliased fonts, I will be adding a branch
that has merged Mikhail Filonenko's code from [1] tonight.
The antialiased fonts will not be included in 0.9.8, but they will be
merged into the main branch after 0.9.8 is released.  We'll also be
migrating to git sub-modules for the contrib directory around that time.
Since that will likely break rc files, it will probably be targeted at
a 1.0 release.  Its not clear what other features will be incorporated
at that time.




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