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[STUMP] Intuitive Resize Patch

From: Burton Samograd
Subject: [STUMP] Intuitive Resize Patch
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 21:42:37 -0600
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I've always found that stumpwm's interactive frame resize was a bit 
un-intuative with respect to the position of windows and how they are resized.  
This patch helps alleviate this by changing the idea of resizing frames to 
moving the divider between the adjacent frames.

Windows are resized now based on their position in the head frame: either 
touching the left edge or touching the right edge.  Windows in the middle are 
assumed to be touching the left edge.  Windows on the left edge get larger 
horizontally when pressing C-f and smaller using C-b; windows on the right edge 
are the opposite. An identical strategy is used for vertical resizing. 

This has been tested on a 2 monitor setup and works as expected.

Attached is a patch to implement this behaviour and hopefully people find it 
useful and a better resizing experience.  I know I do :)

Burton Samograd

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