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[STUMP] Contrib: amixer.lisp broken?

From: Johnny Carlsson
Subject: [STUMP] Contrib: amixer.lisp broken?
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 01:01:08 +0200


While trying to set-up the amixer.lisp module in the contrib directory to 
enable direct audiocontrol from stumpwm to amixer I found it wouldn't work as 
expected. Basically, I needed to amend a % sign in the functions used, e.g. 

(defvolcontrol amixer-Master-1- "Master" "1-")


(defvolcontrol amixer-Master-1- "Master" "1%-")

to make it work. 

It seems there is a regex in the code however that should insert this though 
sed, but I cannot code lisp and am not sure of the escape characters expansion, 
so am unable to decipher/debug this.

There is also a note in the TODO of the file to accept the volume control step 
as a parameter, which I think is a great idea! For now, I created identical 
functions to use 5% steps as well, but this would be nicer to define in 

Does anyone else have the same experience and would it be easy to fix the issue 
(if it indeed is one at all)?

Stumpwm, amixer



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