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[STUMP] mouse gestures

From: Paddy Mullen
Subject: [STUMP] mouse gestures
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 02:28:10 -0400


I just posted cl-gesture on github .  This is a very rough implementation of mouse gestures in common-lisp, using clx.  I'm not an experienced lisp programmer, and I am even less experienced with xlib, so there are some warts, but most of the core of an implemenation of mouse gestures is there.  The code is only about 500 lines long, most of it dealing with displaying windows which is probably the shakiest.

The major features it now has is

1. Discoverability,  When you first click, you get option lists that pop up on each side of the screen listing posibilities when you gesture in that direction.  I really like this.
2.the search code for figuring out what gesture you just entered, and what gestures are possible.

In general I like mouse gestures because they don't fall apart like fitz's law does at high screen resolution.  aiming isn't needed, and they become very quick. 

There are 3 files in the repository
gesture.lisp: this is probably the strongest code, it has search functions for finding applicable gesture, it also has macro's for defining gesture-commands

draw.lisp: this draws the input recieving window, it contains the main event loop.  The gui code for this is crap

option-list.lisp:  code for the option lists that are displayed at the sides of the screen.  I like the concept, the implementation leaves much to be desired.

Is there interest in integrating this code with stumpwm?  I have looked at the stumpwm code, but I'm not quite sure how to plumb this in.  How can I clean up the code in anticipation of integration.


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