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[STUMP] declare mpd maps before using them

From: Vitaly Mayatskikh
Subject: [STUMP] declare mpd maps before using them
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 11:33:01 +0100
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SBCL complains on undeclared variables while loading mpd.lisp

diff --git a/contrib/mpd.lisp b/contrib/mpd.lisp
index 0815ba9..c66741d 100644
--- a/contrib/mpd.lisp
+++ b/contrib/mpd.lisp
@@ -679,6 +679,11 @@ Passed an argument of zero and if crossfade is on, toggles 
crossfade off."
 (defcommand mpd-search-genre (what) ((:rest "Search genre: "))
   (mpd-send-command (format nil "search genre \"~a\"" what)))
+(defvar *mpd-search-map* nil)
+(defvar *mpd-browse-map* nil)
+(defvar *mpd-add-map* nil)
+(defvar *mpd-map* nil)
 ;;Key map
 ;;FIXME: maybe some inferior mode would be a good idea (see resize in 
 (fill-keymap *mpd-search-map*

wbr, Vitaly

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