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[STUMP] Logitech G15 keyboard keysyms

From: TC-Rucho
Subject: [STUMP] Logitech G15 keyboard keysyms
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 23:45:17 -0200

Hello list,
        I just installed Stumpwm for the first time today, found that my G keys
were not working, actually, Prefix h k did not show anything since
stumpwm uses keysyms instead of keycodes to handle keys.
        I should say that there are at least 2 versions of the G15 keyboard,
one I'm aware of is an azerty keyboard with blue backlight, and the
other (the one I have) has a qwerty layout with orange backlight.
Anyway, what I needed here was a keysym for every special key so used
the XF86Launch and Audio keysyms that should be available on every box.

        As of now, all these keys are perfectly working and labeled Gx.

        I'm sending the snippet of code I used to get these working, I know
it's not done the right way but since I couldn't get
XLIB:CHANGE-KEYBOARD-MAPPING working in time I just used xmodmap.

        About the snippet usage, well, just add
(load #P"path/to/g15conf.lisp")  in your .stumpwmrc and you're ready to

PD: If anyone has a working example of how to use
XLIB:CHANGE-KEYBOARD-MAPPING I'll be glad to see it and to rewrite the
code snippet using that instead of xmodmap. (hints are also welcome)


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